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Episode 7: Final Week Before Moving

July 24, 2011


Click below to listen to My International MBA, Episode 7:


Or, you can read the transcript below:

Hello and welcome to My International MBA podcast, episode seven. My name is Helene and thanks for tuning in!


My, oh my. Don’t worry, everyone: I’m not usually off-schedule like this. Today is Sunday, and if you ask me, this week has been pretty hectic. A lot of cleaning, a lot of packing, a lot of good-byes. Doesn’t really help that I feel so ready to get going with my classes yet also trying to focus on the present moment. Does that make any sense?


Anyway, I had a bit of fun with my statistics pre-course work this week. Binomial distributions! I know, it sounds scary by name, but actually, once I figured out how to work the formula, it was fun to work with. Something that I find intriguing from math textbooks is that they almost always have answers to exercises in the back, but only answers to the odd-numbered problems. Why not the even-numbered problems? Why don’t they get any attention? That’s kind of weird.


So, I have been learning a bit about co-working through following a few Twitter accounts. I am interested in doing co-working when I get to Denver, although I do know that I can do my studies for free on-campus (with co-working, you have to pay a fee). However, I do think co-working would be a good idea for when I want to do more company brainstorming.


Speaking of Twitter, I’ve received some feedback on this podcast. I do appreciate any kind of feedback, so, as long as you are being respectful, drop me a line on Twitter, Facebook, even on this blog! So let me know how I’m doing with this, and what else you want to know about the International MBA life, or life in Denver.


So here’s a question I’m posing for you guys for the next time: What kind of foreign language do you want to learn? The language can be either for business or leisure reasons. I would prefer a slant towards Asian or Middle Eastern languages for the purpose of my research.


If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments on the blog post transcript of this podcast. Also, if you are tuning in via Audioboo or iTunes, be sure to visit for today’s transcript and the previous episodes.


Take care everyone. Special note today: I will be traveling for the next week or so. Therefore, no podcast episodes until August 9. That will be a week after I have moved to Denver, so it should be a pretty special episode. Tune in, Tuesday August 9!


Until then, enjoy the rest of your July!




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