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Episode 9: RTD, Walking, Organizing…

August 14, 2011

Water lilies on campus


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Hello and welcome to My International MBA podcast, episode nine. My name is Helene and thanks for tuning in!

Well, since my family left on Tuesday, I have been putting in more time walking the area near campus. I’ve been relying on my trusty Mapquest app on my phone to direct me to certain places nearby. Sadly, some of the information I retrieved online was incorrect, so I didn’t find a few stores I was looking for (mainly, King Soopers). The good thing is that Safeway is not too far AND it has Wells Fargo inside. Plus, Walgreens is right across the street from Safeway.

Yesterday I got my Pioneer ID card along with my ECO pass, so RTD here I come! I remember I briefly took RTD the first time I came to Denver in 2008. I only took the “0” line I think…it wasn’t too bad! I transferred around Civic Center and took a bus down to Englewood that time.

Now, I will get a chance to explore more of Denver with my student pass. As I stared at the system  map yesterday, I became so overwhelmed! The  RTD reaches beyond the city of Denver, so I gotta be careful which direction I’m going.

Then again, I became seasoned with riding MUNI, BART, and CalTrain in San Francisco for four years, so adjusting to RTD here should be a breeze, right? And, I’ve heard that RTD or at least Denver’s public transit, is number one in the country. Good to know!

I am supposed to start work-study next week, but still no word on my schedule. I’m holding off on making any more plans/errands for this next week since I don’t know if I will be called in or not. I’ve contacted my employer about my start date and schedule, but no response just yet. The summer quarter just ended yesterday (and there was commencement as well!), so I’m giving the benefit of doubt that my employer has been working on end-of-quarter tasks and my request got bumped.

Today, finally got my room organized! Pictures to come very soon. I still need to fix the over-bed drape I have since it hangs a little low. Good thing: my floor is clear of any piles! Progress, progress, progress…

If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments on the blog post transcript of this podcast. Also, if you are tuning in via Audioboo or iTunes, be sure to visit for today’s transcript and the previous episodes.

Take care and I’ll see you guys on Tuesday!


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