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Episode 10: The Calm Before the Storm?

August 21, 2011

See, water lilies are inspirational to me, especially on campus.

Tune in to Episode 10 right here:

Or, if you prefer to read, here’s the transcript:

Hello and welcome to My International MBA podcast, episode ten. My name is Helene and thanks for tuning in!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you may have noticed that this week has been quite busy. So busy that I didn’t have an inkling of time to get an episode out on Tuesday.  Oops.

So, I’m just going to give you a rundown on all that has happened in this past week:

  1. One of my Cohort-member has created a private Facebook Group for our Cohort. This coming week, we are meeting on Thursday night to get to know each other a bit before orientation.
  2. I began my work-study position at Daniels on Tuesday. So far, I am working on opening mail, filing papers, and other miscellaneous duties. Apparently, it’s a crime that I work so fast. Haha, of course I kid about that, but I feel that each task given to me is finished before we know it…
  3. I’ve gone out exploring on RTD! I am beginning to see the differences between RTD and Muni (in San Francisco). Of course, only time will tell what the real differences are. So far, am enjoying RTD more, but it does have a few lines that come less frequently around the DU area. Too bad!
  4. Today was a pretty packed day. I went out driving with my new eGo carshare membership! I ran errands up and down South Colorado Boulevard. Lately, I’ve been in a big craft phase: had to ask a sales associate at Michael’s Craft Store about what kind of yarn to buy for a pouf project I’m planning. Every shop I stopped into, there was someone there greeting me warmly. I sure do like that feeling.
  5. Tonight, attended my first Yelp! Elite event in Denver. It was held at Eden, a new lounge in the northern part of the city. I got to meet the Yelp Community Manager, Tiffany, and a few other Elite members. Felt nice to get to know more people in the city, and I know I’ll definitely be meeting many more in the coming weeks.

There’s probably a lot more that I’ve left out, but that’s the gist of the week! Base camp sessions for accounting and statistics are coming up soon, and so is orientation. I’m planning on doing podcast episodes on Saturdays only for the next month…just to give me time to focus on school-related things.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments on the blog post transcript of this podcast. Also, if you are tuning in via Audioboo or iTunes, be sure to visit for today’s transcript and the previous episodes.

Take care and I’ll see you guys next week!


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