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Episode 11: Orientation & Blast-Off!

September 10, 2011

A few of my cohort-mates with me (I'm in the back).

Listen to My International MBA, Episode 11 here:



Or, if you prefer to read, here’s the transcript:


Hello and welcome to My International MBA podcast, episode eleven. My name is Helene and thanks for tuning in!

Hm, yes, I know: it has been three weeks since my previous episode. To sum up the month of August: it was very overwhelming. It took me the last part of the month to really get used to everything in Denver. Hence, I needed time to myself to get into gear.

And boy, this past week I got myself into gear! Orientation began on Tuesday and didn’t wrap up until yesterday. I attended a few optional sessions for the Executive Mentor Program, Presentation 101, Advanced Excel Techniques, and City Treks Program. These are all extracurricular programs that I may be interested in joining; it’s always good to gain a little more information about the different activities going on in Daniels. I am highly interested in the Executive Mentor Program, so I look forward to seeing the list of mentors next month and then starting the program in January.

The main part of orientation was very inspiring and motivating. Although a lot of the same information was mentioned in different ways, I felt the fire inside of me grow so much this past week. I  loved hearing current students’ enthusiasm and alumni expressing praise. I AM SO READY TO GET GOING WITH BUSINESS SCHOOL AND MY CAREER. I have already started discussing my business idea with a few colleagues and have received insightful feedback. Now, to gain more connections, work on my business plan, and my elevator pitch!

My cohort-members and I have been hitting it off pretty well so far. We did a team-building exercise on Thursday by stacking colored index cards to make “the tallest castle”. We were competing with other groups for the activity. Sadly, when it came time to judge the castles, ours fell over from the wind! So we went ahead and described the situation as “the Big Bad Wolf blew our castle down.” Now one of my classmates has been dubbed “Wolf.”

You guys should see my planner right now: for this next week (and probably the rest of the quarter) there’s a lot piled into my weekly schedule. I am taking fitness classes at the fitness center as well…to give myself a bit of balance from academia. I’m sure once the graduate student groups start creating events and meetings I’ll have more to add the planner. Thank goodness the Coors Fitness Center is handing out complimentary student planners right now. I need more room to write down assignments and other tasks.

Whew, and that’s a wrap!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments on the blog post transcript of this podcast. Also, if you are tuning in via Audioboo or iTunes, be sure to visit for today’s transcript and the previous episodes.

Take care and I’ll see you guys next week!


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